Evoke offers a simple, architecturally designed living solution for a small scale environment that is easy to plug in, and ready to go.

bench tops

Bench Top Options

We have a select range of bench top options for you to consider, these have been chosen because they not only look fantastic in our Evoke kitchens but they will also last a lifetime. Browse our gorgeous selection of Marble, Blanco Maple and Atlantis Black.


Contrast Cladding

We use charred cladding, it is a stunning finish that lasts for decades. The charred wood is very low maintenance and has many benefits.
  • Holds colour
  • 100% UV proof
  • Hydrophobic – repels water from the timber
  • Durability – longer life span of the timber
  • Resistance – reduces the food source for bugs and fungi

View our contrast cladding options:
fittings brushed nickel
Brushed Nickel


When you’re searching for modern fitting designs, we have done the hard work for you. We’ve gone beyond looking for designs that are just attractive, they are also highly practical, dependable and long-lasting for your daily needs. We have selected a range for you in the following colours:

Brushed Nickel, Gunmetal and Brass to suit your colour range.

Floor Selections

Our flooring is sustainably sourced and designed exclusively for New Zealand’s diverse climates and our Kiwi lifestyles. It provides a more durable and functional covering as well as the best look and feel for your Evoke home.

Internal Wall Finishings

paint flint

Internal Paint Colours



With so many available options to choose from, we have made the selection process much easier for you by offering the best affordable appliance options for your new home.

We know this can be overwhelming, even if you’re working with a design or building professional.

We have completed the design plan and appliance research to ensure you have a stylish, functional kitchen for you and your lifestyle while remaining on budget.

bathroom wall

Bathroom Wall

Our ensuite surfaces express the essence of nature. The material offers a unique stoneware surface.

The collection we have chosen is the result of extensive research into colour and material to create a sophisticated relationship with the space, without sacrificing the richness of shades, textures and graphic details.

Chic Colour Palette