Evoke Range

2 Bedroom

10 x 3m and 12 x 3m


The Evoke Range 2 bedroom tiny house is a luxury small home. Complete with a gorgeous living room, master bedroom with wardrobe and integral storage. Inclusive of a modern en suite, optional laundry and full designer kitchen including all the built-in appliances. This two bedroom design allows for guests or a single family, with 3 floor plans to choose from for a 10 x 3m or 12 x 3m tiny house.

These are built on trailers, giving flexibility as to where they can go and negating the need for complicated consents. Built to Code, you can rest assured that although they are on the move, they will provide you with all the comforts of a full home.

As you approach you are greeted by a feature wall clad with a choice of the striking Japanese look of charred timber, or the warmth of natural macrocarpa. A beautiful selection of materials both inside and out enhance the home, complementing the architecturally designed layouts.

The non-fixed Evoke Range options can be built and delivered in a matter of weeks and come complete with all the certification for the plumbing and electrical works that are required.

Floor Plans

Evoke 10BR3

evoke 12BR3 floor plan

Evoke 10BRL

Evoke 12C2

evoke 12C2 floor plan